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Unread 07-30-2012, 03:55 PM   #1
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Default Catch 22 Marketing Question

Hi I'm new here so I hope no one is offended that I jump right in with my first post asking for help on an issue I'm having. A little background on me, I've studied marketing for years and self taught myself webcode (enough to navigate and implement) and graphic design as well as SEO through Google articles and tutorials. I'm decent at all of them now.

So I've been designing my website and have a niche business idea I feel could do really well that I see no one else doing. It would be fairly easy for someone knowledgable in these areas to copy were they to see it though it would take time to integrate it if they were only one person (I have spent several hundred hours already and still have several to go).

The thing is my site is brand spanking new which means it will take time and diligence before I can be ranked for my current keywords as I have my business idea sitting in limbo until I figure out my gameplan on when to implement it.

Should I wait until I already have steady unique visitors with my current marketing hook which would build a base over 5-6 months of promotion, as my hook to get the traffic to my site is pretty solid, or should I integrate the idea now along with my hook which would build my base possibly faster but risk a competitor already high in the search engines with a steady base stealing my idea?

Sorry that was so long but could really use some advice on this. Thank you so much!
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Unread 07-30-2012, 04:13 PM   #2
Jim Gillum
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There are millions of prospects on the net...there are hundreds of sites that have same or similar products....
Competition is good to stimulate also normally means that people are spending money for that product/service...
The site with the best.....prices...service...... presentation....should do the most business..

Consider...once there was one auction site.....

And waiting..
Someone else could come up with the same idea.....

Please read the Rules
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Unread 07-30-2012, 04:22 PM   #3
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Hi and thank you for your reply! I agree on that aspect and actually hearing how that particular auction site got started (a broken laser pointer) was pretty funny.

The thing is my idea is really a rather simple idea that I have seen no one else market anywhere. It would require technical knowledge to implement it. My presentation for the idea is really rather solid as well. However, when you start off a brand new website your limited initially to very small amount of traffic interested in your industry, including competitors. Part of me feels as though I've answered my own question on what I think I should do as I could develop a base in 6 months to a year and if no one has implemented this idea my odds are pretty good it wouldn't happen within a year but I'd still love to hear more thoughts.

Thank you for your help and time sir.
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