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Email Marketing Forum The email marketing forum is for discussing topics related to email marketing and online services / offline software that allows you to carry out email marketing campaigns. This can include autoresponders and broadcast emailing systems.

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Unread 11-10-2011, 07:03 AM   #1
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Default $3000 a week emailing. It CAN be done!

Below is one of my 8 'online dating' email campaigns. Each one with very similar statistics although this one earned the most within the 6 days. The one which had been doing the worst had only made $776.

Following loads of research I decided on a dating site and before signing up I got in touch with the lead affiliate manager. Below is what I said;

Hello. I currently work together with another big online dating site. I know the affiliate manager quite well and we have been friends for a long time. My question is this. I provide traffic to them through the use of emailing. Having said that my emails are not 100% compliant although I do include an opt-out URL and deduct their suppression list for every email blast. When too many complaints come in, I make myself a different account, he cancels my previous one, deletes my personal data from their system and switches my money to the new account. Next, I start again. He does this to cover his butt so it works out very well for both of us. Would you be interested in something such as this? I make big money with them and he is quite happy with the conversion rates he receives from my traffic so its a win-win. If not, no worries. I just think that being truthful concerning this stuff from the start is the way to go.
He agreed to test the traffic and was in fact pleased with the results. I've been with them for almost 2 yrs now.

I run campaigns on three different affiliate accounts set up with them. The first 2 accounts I utilize totally for emailing. The 3rd one is for whitehat traffic that include banner ads, Facebook ads, YouTube as well as off-line traffic. Throughout this thread I'll only discuss my emailing campaigns.

Virtually all of my emails are scraped online. I don't target any specific niches or keywords. I install a few Windows VPS boxes with a good email scraper, load big lists of common words and names and let them run 24/7.

I get a lot of scraped emails every day like this. From here I remove duplicates and divide the email lists up into parts. Then I import them to several VPS boxes installed with Interspire IEM. They are all scrubbed against a large list of spamtraps along with their suppression list as it is being imported. Next, I send a simple message to the lists. It is usually something similar to;

Hello. How are you guys? We might be driving down there to your area soon so maybe we can all go get a bite to eat and get together for a while? I will keep you posted. Talk to you soon. Bob
Most of the time people will believe it is someone they used to know or perhaps think it was mailed to them by mistake. However seeing that it's not trying to sell them something, most people will just delete it after looking at it. The significant thing here is that the majority of these people will not label it as spam and simply by reading it, helps my IP's reputation.

By doing this I'm able to effectively parse out all of the hard bounces and end up with a clean email list that's free from most spam traps and suppression emails. I then export them to another group of VPS boxes that are utilized for sending out my dating ads.

I try to keep my ads short and very simple. They all say something like;

Largest Singles Website In The World
Over 30 Million Members
It Costs Nothing To Sign Up

to unsubscribe, click here
The campaign I use when emailing pays me for every free lead. I start at $2 per lead till I receive my 1st paid sign up. The pay rate changes dependent upon my conversion ratio. They pay out every 2 weeks so what I do is send out emails as fast as possible for the first 7 days on my 1st account. I Then switch all of the traffic to my 2nd account and send as many as possible to it for a week. Then I'll cycle back to the 1st and begin again. By doing it in this way, my 1st account gets tons of free signups for the first week, then throughout the 2nd week, some of those free joins start to convert to paid members which makes my conversion ratio better for that pay period. Therefore, no matter what I am going to make at least $2 for each free lead however a lot of the time I'll be at $3 - $4 a free lead when the pay period ends.

I'm not going to speculate too much here because in affiliate marketing, how much you make each payday is always different due to variations in conversions as well as how many joins you end up getting. However I will state that cash is no longer something I have to worry about. Of course I have to use caution mainly because BlackHat emailing can be a risky game to play. I've never had any troubles, knock on wood, but yeah it is something I'm very meticulous about.

There are lots of dating sites out there with affiliate programs. When picking one I would suggest registering directly with them and not through one of the large affiliate networks like (CJ, Azoogle or MaxBounty for instance). One thing you should explore when registering for any affiliate website is what other affiliate marketers are saying about them. In my opinion all of them shave to a certain extent. The trick is to find one that doesn't shave excessively and ensure that your conversion rates stay fairly consistent. If you use one that makes you a lot of money the first few paychecks, then you observe a drastic decrease in conversions, 9 times out of 10 they've started shaving far too much and they are not a company you should stick with.

The one I chose remains extremely consistent and pays out every two weeks just like clockwork. They keep my information protected and let me know when I have to change accounts. They also let me register using bogus info and are pretty flexible with the way I would like to get paid. I am not going to mention the site I use in this thread mainly because they would not appreciate it if all the search engines started displaying that they were BlackHat friendly. But yeah, if you wanna give them a go, send me a private message and I will tell you there.

Anyone out there trying to make money online, give some thought to affiliate marketing in the online dating field. Bottom line is sex sells, period!

Got questions? Go ahead and ask. I will do my best to respond to them all.
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Unread 11-11-2011, 12:14 AM   #2
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Sounds awesome! Please PM me. Would like more info. Thanks.
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Unread 11-18-2011, 11:20 PM   #3
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zeehman is on a distinguished road
Default congrats on your success

Im mainly a PPC guy and Im looking into email marketing myself.
Ive done it in the past but got too busy and completely dropped it.

Can you suggest me a good bulk mailing service?
Maybe an overseas server with a proper set up.

Right now Im experimenting with optinmarketinglists and VerticalResponse.
I probably have 1billion list that my buddy gave me and I want to scrub it
but I have no idea how I can cheaply do that? Can you give me a suggestion?

Maybe I can help you out expanding your income via PPC since Im in dating niche myself. My email is if you're ever interested. Have a good day.
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Unread 11-25-2011, 06:42 AM   #4
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ChrisDitfort is on a distinguished road

Sounds like it works well, I want to try this out, is there any investment in it?

***Don't Be Anyone's Slave!***
Start Your Own Online Web Business!
Implament Today, and Rake In The CASH Tonight
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Unread 11-28-2011, 01:29 PM   #5
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kickapooh is on a distinguished road

As with most things, it takes money to make money. However I started off small with this method and kept reinvesting my profits to get to where I'm at today. There are lots of ways to mail and lots of information out there on the basics and how to get started.

Unfortunately I don't have time to coach anyone right now or get too in-depth on the basics. I have 6 kids under the age of 11 and my days are filled with fighting children, screaming babies, changing diapers and doing normal daddy routines. I struggle to find enough time to work much less come here and respond to my pms. I'll be happy to answer any specific questions you have though. One thing I will say is everything I know about emailing and making money online, I have learned from forums like this. I read this forum everyday and I have learned so much from it. I'd suggest everyone do the same thing and don't be afraid to try new things, even if you fail. So many people just read the methods here and never try any of them. That is a huge mistake.
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