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Unread 11-09-2008, 11:32 AM   #1
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Post The Importance of meta tags in SEO

When in comes to achieving top search engine rankings how large of a role do keyword tags actually play? This is a simple question with no easy answer. Not only does the answer vary depending on which search engine a marketer is targeting, but it also depends upon the changing valuations search engines place on these tags.

At one point in time the keywords tag had an impact on a web site’s position within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Now the keywords tag has little impact on where a site will appear in the search results. When search engine first started determining the relevancy of a site they placed a larger emphasis on these tags.

Soon every webmaster used these them and oftentimes overused these tags and therefore the search engine placed less importance on them. After all, not every site that adds “SEO Company” into their keywords tag can have a top 10 ranking within the SERPS for the phrase “SEO Company”.

Still there is some value associated with this tag. Type the following into Google, Yahoo, and MSN only without the quotations, “dsrurejjnr“. This is a made up phrase that appears only in the keyword description tags of Real Good Furniture (take a look at the website’s source code). [note, some geocities spammy pages are listing it too)

Now look at the SERPS and notice that only in Yahoo does the site appear number one. It is not even listed on Google or MSN. The takeaway is that while the importance of this tag is minimal, Yahoo still gives it some weight.

Now this test is partially flawed since this information has appeared within the site’s source code for some time now. As one might notice when following the instructions above there are websites that have linked to Real Good Furniture, which have included the made up words on their page.

Therefore links pointing to the site now have some association with the fictitious keyword.

My suggestion is to try this test with your own website. Make up a keywords phrase and add it as the last keyword with the keywords tag of the source code. Wait a couple weeks and then do a search on the major three search engines. Now you will know the true importance the keywords tag plays in SEO.

So guys what's your thoughts on this matter?

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Unread 12-11-2008, 01:15 PM   #2
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Even though meta tags are being down played by google this does not make them any less important.The basic listing process used by the major search engines changes to bring better quality pages to the front line.However they have not put so much emphasis on these meta tags,instead they are relying on more combinations of data gathered.With spammers using every thing they can think of to trick the search engines.It has made SEO more difficult for the average guy to compete.

King of Traffic Targeted Traffic that delivers ,Contextual,Behavioral,Keyword Targeted,Expired Domain with Geographic and Interest"niche" options available.
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Unread 05-13-2010, 12:23 PM   #3
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Hi all,
This is the number method for perfecting your SEO skills. In order to find out how good you are at SEO, you must pit your skills against other webmasters. Usually, those who compete are new to SEO, so the competition is fair. Besides, everyone can share their experiences and learn from one another. It's a great way to put SEO into practice.

You can find out more about SEO contests from blogs, forums, and other webmaster communities. Word travels fast on the Internet. If you are well connected, you will hear about them sooner or later. The best part is, while practicing, you stand a chance to win great prizes! For every contest, a few generous sponsors tend to sponsor prizes such as cash, gift vouchers, digital products, etc.
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Unread 06-13-2010, 12:37 PM   #4
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Thanks for sharing nick
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Unread 06-14-2010, 03:45 AM   #5
Jim Gillum
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Appears to be a cut and paste article.......unless you wrote it......

Please read the Rules
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Unread 11-05-2010, 06:01 PM   #6
link loader
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good article thanks for sharing..
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Unread 11-12-2010, 04:48 AM   #7
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Now a days some when we do our SEO we take the time and anylize each web page so we can create the appropriate meta tags for each page. META tags are always very important for reference and analysis of their pages and write your meta tags.

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Unread 11-15-2010, 09:05 AM   #8
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Meta tags gives a description or a detailed explanation of the website. Itexplained the content of the web. Meta title contains a title and a brief summary of the website. This is an important feature of the content of the page that the search engines to explore this title. It may also contain one or two words. Key words must reach the target audience or target market.
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Unread 12-20-2010, 07:41 AM   #10
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Meta tags are very important which contain the tag that are not visible at the webpage but very important from the search engine point of view. Google and other search engine use these tags to catch the information about the website like Keywords, Description, GEO meta tag and redirect rules.

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