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Unread 03-16-2010, 12:44 PM   #1
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Arrow Would You Like to Earn $1000 per month?

Would You Like to Earn $1000 per month?
This article writing is really infectious .Once you start you cant stop.Here's my latest.An article on Affiliate Marketing but not using Clickbank or Commission Junction.

Let's be honest. Who clicked on this article hoping for some"get rich quick" scheme? Earning $1000 dollars a second is just a pipedream to the majority of people. But what is amazing is how this business gets you thinking once you get involved. I was just about to throw out the papers from the week-end when I noticed a full page article for some garden products. I thought "they must be making money to have a full page ad". Then another thought struck me.

There was a website at the bottom of the ad. On clicking to the website I scanned to the bottom and lo and behold there was what I was looking for. Can you guess what it is? Something that millions of Internet Marketers do on a daily basis, with some earning quite a good living. Suspense over. What I was looking for was a link to an affiliate program. This program paid out a 75% commission. The items in question were $139.99. So by promoting this product and selling just one you would receive $139.99 x 75% = $105 (almost!). Imagine if you referred just two sales a week, $210.

Over a year this would be $10, 920 off just one product. Now imagine repeating this every week with different products, your earnings would be astronomical. That is how a lot of people are quietly making huge sums every week. When affiliate marketing is mentioned a lot of people immediately think of ClickBank or Commission Junction. But exploring the lesser known avenues can provide you with a healthy income as there will be less competition.

Now earning $1000 a second equates to over $3,600,000 an hour. This definitely is a pipedream. But $1000 a month, $12000 a year is easily attainable. Do this with, say, 10 products and you have an income of $120, 000 a year. Oh, one more thing. When you advertise the product (yes you will have to put in some work!) either on your website or blog, don't forget the most important part - The Headline. Grab your readers attention. Did I grab yours?

Huge incomes are easily achievable, but you do have to put in some work.You will need to learn some basic skills.These can all be learned for FREE. If you would like some more information on where to learn these skills if you are interested you can reply me.
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Unread 04-04-2010, 09:14 PM   #2
Jim Gillum
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Seems like a pretty good article....good luck with your venture.....

Please read the Rules
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