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Default Learn How To Get Traffic For $0.01 !!!!

There is a reason why the top affiliates in the world are ending their Google Adword campaigns and it goes by the name Pay Per View or PPV.

Unlike PPC (pay per click) where you pay for someone to click your ad, with PPV traffic you pay for every person that views your website and here's the real selling point of this form traffic, you can pay as little as $0.01 per view.

That's right a penny per view, and it gets better when you get into bidding wars. You can out bid your competitors by increasing your bid by as little as $0.001. It is very rare that you bid a dollar per view.

Now you compare this to PPC where you are paying $2 to $10 just for someone to click your ad not to actually view your website. And with PPC traffic we all know that there are fraudulent clicks, with PPV you can say good bye to this problem

PPV is pop up traffic. Wait before you criticize and get self righteous, the computers that receive the pop ups agreed to have them. They opted in to having pop ups by downloading a free software, for example a tool bar, and before they are able to download the software they are informed that they will receive pop up ads to cover the cost of the free software. This kind of software is called adware, it isn't illegal and you can easily get rid of the pop ups by uninstalling the software. If you are still not sure, google search “adware” to get a better understanding.

Unlike PPC PPV is ultra targeted traffic, not only can you bid on keywords you can bid on urls. So if your website is about flowers you can target all the Urls about flowers and chose for website to pop up in front of it. Do you know how powerful that is?

PPV traffic works exceptionally well with cpa offers. You can direct link to your cpa offer and not worry about landing pages and quality scores, there are affiliate marketers making a $1000 in cpa commission.

PPV is a very powerful, but with any paid form of traffic there are mistakes that can be made that can result in the lost of money. So here is a free report that not only tells you these mistakes but goes into greater detail on PPV show you how you can get started today.

Download your free Report: ------>CLICK HERE<-------
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