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Unread 08-14-2012, 11:37 AM   #1
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Default GLOBALONE - Search engine rankings from 12000 to 450th place in less than a month??

This is happening People!!
This is just stats we received recently, which are insane!! The Founder positions did close down, so the only way to be part of this business still is to join up as an Affiliate, but the payouts every 3 days, will still be impossible to even imagine, as you will also be paid from the 3 profit pools.

The main point i want just make clear today is that this is not a network marketing company, but a Business, which you will be able to grow with, and support your family forever!!

Please click on this link to listen to Scott Evans for some of the extra products that we will be involved with.


Who is Scott Evans of Global One? What makes his company different?

I have found a very good background on Scott Evans of Global One and you need to read this if you are interested
in his opportunity.

This is a huge help to understand where he is coming from.

I was told today by someone that knows him that his net worth is somewhere around 2 Billion. If that is true
this makes a lot of sense.

Read this background here:

Scott Evans Background

What more is there to say...

In recent years I have been less involved in network marketing because most of the companies
are greedy and want to keep most of the profit for themselves, and even if they have great products
they are not really willing to share enough of the profit that EVERYBODY can afford to stay in and
promote their business model and products.

Network marketing has a terrible record with most companies and fully 95% of people who try it fail
and quit because they don't make money, and they usually end up with products they would not buy otherwise.

There are a few exceptions. I am still buying a product or two that my family get much benefit from,
but there is usually not enough profit to warrant putting much time, money or effort into it as a business.

This one promises to be an exception to that rule. Everyone will be in the money.


Please note once again: We haven't launched yet, we just finished the proses of Founder's positions, we are in the proses of Affiliate recruitments now!!


Shelby Star

PS. I was told about this by a patriot that understands what is happening to our country, and he assured me that
the people who started this also understand and started this specifically to help those of us who want to help the
country recover freedom and liberty. I can't verify that personally yet, but thought you might like to know.

Shelby Star
Founder of GLOBALONE

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