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Domain Names For discussion related to registration, transfers, reselling, etc.

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Unread 05-13-2011, 05:12 AM   #1
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Default 30 Aged Domains - most Brandable.

These 30 aged domains are for sale. All are registered with Go Daddy. Offers in US$ may be made on all domains. All offers will be considered and all correspondence answered. Payment is via PayPal. Also, domains may be purchased as a complete portfolio or in a group of several. Email:

USAFRANCHISEFORSALE.COM==Created: 2007-01-23==Age: 4 Years, 108 Days.

TRIPOLI-LIBYA.COM==Created: 2001-11-25==Age: 9 Years, 168 Days.

TOUROFSWEDEN.COM==Created: 2006-02-10==Age: 5 Years, 90 Days.

SINDHIFOOD.COM==Created: 2006-03-27==Age: 5 Years, 45 Days.

SEAFOODSGUIDE.COM==Created: 1999-09-07==Age: 11 Years, 248 Days.

PLASTICSU.COM==Created: 1999-09-18==Age: 11 Years, 237 Days.

ONETHOUSANDBRANDS.COM==Created: 2006-07-19==Age: 4 Years, 296 Days.

NUDERETREAT.COM==Created: 2005-02-23==Age: 6 Years, 77 Days.

NEWYORK-AMERICA.COM==Created: 2009-06-13==Age: 1 Year, 331 Days.

LONELYAMERICANS.COM==Created: 2006-01-30==Age: 5 Years, 101 Days.

LEGITIMATES.COM==Created: 2006-03-24==Age: 5 Years, 48 Days.

KABUL-AFGHANISTAN.COM==Created: 2000-12-05==Age: 10 Years, 158 Days.

GPSQUESTIONS.COM==Created: 2008-12-11==Age: 2 Years, 150 Days.

EUROBANKLOANS.COM==Created: 2002-10-26==Age: 8 Years, 198 Days.

EBOOKSBESTSELLERS.COM==Created: 2007-06-28==Age: 3 Years, 317 Days.

DNIPRODZERZHINSK.COM==Created: 2007-05-25==Age: 3 Years, 351 Days.

DEALINDOMAINS.COM==Created: 2003-05-26==Age: 7 Years, 351 Days.

CELEBRITY-MUSIC.COM==Created: 1999-12-14==Age: 11 Years, 150 Days.

ADULTERATES.COM==Created: 2005-02-21==Age: 6 Years, 80 Days.

WWWTIN.COM==Created: 1997-05-20==Age: 13 Years, 358 Days.

WWWRUE.ORG==Created: 1996-02-06==Age: 15 Years, 97 Days.

WWWRUE.NET==Created: 1996-11-08==Age: 14 Years, 186 Days.

WWWRUE.COM==Created: 1994-10-26==Age: 16 Years, 200 Days.

WWWISELF.COM==Created: 1994-05-17==Age: 16 Years, 362 Days.

WWWIFT.COM==Created: 1994-11-30==Age: 16 Years, 165 Days.

WWWFROM.COM==Created: 1995-04-20==Age: 16 Years, 24 Days.

WWWDEW.COM==Created: 1994-07-13==Age: 16 Years, 305 Days.

WWWBRR.COM==Created: 1996-10-01==Age: 14 Years, 224 Days.

WWWAIN.COM==Created: 1997-05-20==Age: 13 Years, 358 Days.

Neville Smith:
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Unread 05-16-2011, 12:09 PM   #2
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I dont think anything else is good, except CELEBRITY-MUSIC.COM.

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